The teenage

Lived in the US for a total of ten years to study in high school and college. Experienced a variety of sports in the American system, which changed every semester, including tennis, lacrosse, and swimming. In tennis, I played as a first single in the varsity team and participated in a regional tournament, and won second place in doubles. At the age of 19, while temporarily back in my country, I obtained a real estate broker license in Japan. (Total passing rate is about 17%.)

The twenties

Entered the Japanese real estate industry to help my family business. After working as a sales clerk, I established importing and trading business as a start-up, starting with a capital of 300,000 yen and growing annual sales by 150 times more in three years. During this time, I learned about small-business management and system implementation and gained IT-related knowledge. For getting married and raise children, I closed the business.

The thirties

Worked for Softbank Mobile and Apple Japan LLC, then worked as a senior consultant for a relocation company with a multinational staff. The main clients are large corporate VIP executives from around the world. In my new post as head of the real estate department, I contributed to the company’s profit growth by achieving record sales for two consecutive years.

Then now

While working as a translator and simultaneous interpreter for a company involved in national defense, I am also studying AI and machine learning as a computer science student at the University of London to strengthen my IT-related knowledge. I’m now practicing a borderless working style as an IT nomadic worker and translator/interpreter, taking advantage of the environment where I can study from anywhere in the world as the school is completely online.


What I do on my off-days

Tennis, Mountain climbing, Camping, Traveling, Spa (Hot spring), Sleeping, Youtube


Although I have acquired basic logical thinking skills, I also value the existence of the spiritual world. Especially in my daily life, I have been receiving contacts and inspirations from the invisible world since childhood, which are often accompanied by unrealistic phenomena that are impossible to prove with the current science, but denying such phenomena without evidence is also a form of escapism. I stopped doubting and denying such a world some time ago. Please be assured that I do not talk about these things to my friends and acquaintances, except for a few very close ones.

I value not only the things that I can see in the real world, such as my ordinary days and programming, but also the philosophical sensibilities, such as the search for the value of the soul and the purpose of my life. I try to integrate these contradictory and intertwined multilayered worlds and use them in my daily life to enhance the well-being and happiness of my family and myself.

I am descended from a family of Samurai warriors who served as retainers of the Yanagawa clan (I am reportedly descended from Takahashi Shoun). My great-grandfather was a First generation who moved to the USA in the 1890s and stayed for about 50 years. After returning to Japan, he worked as an interpreter between the US and Japanese forces after WW2. My great-grandfather and I have very similar stories of life and I feel a strange thread of destiny.

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